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Founder and Relational Coach

Garry Ratliff, Jr.

Relational coaching focuses on how clients think about the nature of identity, the self, change, and learning that leads to individual and group development.

Our why
Garry, the visionary founder of GRelations, LLC, was deeply moved by the stricken impact of unhealthy relationships on individuals' lives, careers, businesses, and faith journeys. Witnessing how these root cause issues hindered growth across various domains of humanity, Garry was inspired to create a unified network where healthy relationships serve as the cornerstone for transformative change. His mission is rooted in empowering everyone to cultivate healthy relational practices, recognizing their pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life, promoting career success, driving business growth, and enriching faith journeys. Through GRelations, Garry channels his passion for relational health into a purpose-driven endeavor, catalyzing positive outcomes and paving the way for a world where meaningful connections thrive, propelling individuals toward growth and fulfillment.
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GRelations, LLC is a pioneering organization dedicated to advancing relational health through innovative strategies and The BIG I.D.E.A² Method. We empower individuals, professionals, faith communities, educational institutions, and community leaders to build healthy connections, championing positive change in personal, professional, and community settings. Investors and stakeholders supporting GRelations, LLC contribute to a transformative movement, promoting a world where meaningful connections thrive as the foundation for flourishing lives.

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At GRelations, LLC, our mission is to champion relational health through the innovative application of our proprietary theory, The BIG I.D.E.A² Method: The Cycle of All Relationships. We are dedicated to fostering opportunities for individuals and communities to cultivate robust connections by Involve, Develop, Engage, and Acknowledge Achievement. Through the creation of transformative products such as books and courses, alongside specialized services like Relational Coaching and Relational Consulting, we aim to empower individuals to navigate their relational journeys with confidence and authenticity. Our unwavering commitment to relational well-being drives us to be the catalyst for positive change, enabling individuals to thrive across all facets of life, career, business, and faith experiences.

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Our vision is to revolutionize the paradigm of relational health through the widespread adoption of The BIG I.D.E.A² Method: The Cycle of All Relationships. We envision a world where individuals and communities harness the power of intentional involvement, development, engagement, and acknowledgment to cultivate flourishing connections. By pioneering innovative solutions that integrate our theory into every aspect of life, career, business, and faith journeys, we aspire to set a new standard for relational well-being. Our relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to transformative change positions us as the foremost advocate for relational health, shaping a future where meaningful connections thrive and individuals flourish.

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